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t4gm Tantra 4 Gay Men

We are a Tantra School dedicated to the personal, spiritual and sexual growth of gay and bisexual men through Tantra now in Australia.

If you are looking for a way forward, a way to enrich your life, to give it purpose and meaning then maybe we can help you in this quest.As from 1 December 2018 there will be a monthly meeting held on the first Saturday of the month in Clifton Beach near Cairns.

BoyZout BoyZout

A social group for gay men of all ages in Cairns (not nudist). David or Graham 07 4059 0573. Their website contains several pages of links for gay men in Cairns.

gnb Gay Naked Brisbane

Gay Naked Brisbane is a gay nudist social group for youngish guys who look after their bodies in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

sydney Sydney Sunboys

Sunboys is a group for men who like / want to explore being naked with other men in a non-sexual environment.

gsn Gay Sydney Nudists

GSN is a social organisation for gay or bisexual male nudists. We have events such as parties at members’ homes, dinners at restaurants, harbour cruises and weekends away.

ngc Nude Guys Club

Nude Guys Club is a group based in Adelaide for guys who enjoy being naked together. Social events throughout the year. The group is open to gay, bisexual and gay-friendly men from all walks of life over 18 years of age.

anf Australian Naturist Federation

Welcome to the Clothes Free Lifestyle

annnn Aussie Naturists

Aussie Naturists is an online community for genuine Australian naturists to communicate and network

nudemanfest NudeManFest

Hosted on a beautiful and secluded farm in Northern Victoria, NudeManFest is a place that male openness can be displayed, be admired, be enjoyed and be savoured. It is a state of mind and body where the restrictions and impositions of society are discarded and a new freedom is found and enjoyed.

fba Free Beaches Australia

Our Aim: Nude beaches for every body, strip off, relax and find yourself a nice patch of sand somewhere around Australia

fbnz Free Beaches New Zealand

Free Beaches New Zealand Inc is the society which exists in order to defend the rights of skinnydippers, beach naturists and all people young and old, who love to "go natural" in the great outdoors.

autumnfarm Autumn Farm

Queer Accommodation in Golden Bay - New Zealand. A clothing optional establishment with nudity mainly occurring in the warm Summer months.

guysers Guysers Gaystay

Guysers Gaystay is a gay men's clothing optional hosted accommodation in Rotorua, New Zealand, providing a gay naturist-friendly environment for those seeking a relaxing break or holiday in Rotorua City. California Men Enjoying Naturism

California Men Enjoying Naturism is an international social organization for gay and bisexual men who enjoy being nude for social and recreational activities.

gni Gay Naturists International

The worlds foremost association of male naturists

imen International Men Enjoying Naturism

International men enjoying naturism with an annual gathering


Nudist is a full featured nudist lifestyle search engine and directory

nudistplanet Nudist

The aim or mission of Nudist Planet is just that: to create a world where naturism is not only accepted but celebrated. And the celebration passes through here with profiles of typical naturist, reviews of nudist/clothing-optional sites and other resources of interest to the nudist community. That word, community, is key to the concept of Naturist Planet.


An online space for nudist friends

tns The Naturist Society

If you enjoy skinny-dipping, nude sunbathing, or that feeling of freedom while nude, then TNS membership is for you.

ohnaturist Oh! Naturist

Oh! Naturist promotes non-sexual nudity, encourages well-being, love of nature, respect of the environment and of people. A place to make new naturist friends or find clothing optional guesthouses around the world.

travelbuff Travel Buff

Travel Buff provides one of the largest listings of nude and clothing optional resorts, cruises, bed and breakfasts and camp grounds worldwide.

wngd World Naked Gardening Day

People across the globe are encouraged, on the first Saturday of May, to tend their portion of the world's garden unclothed as nature intended. .

gayguide GayGuide365

Travel guide for international LGBT travellers focusing on gay-friendly destinations around the world, such as clubs, bars, hotels, fitness and beauty centres, restaurants, shops and more. Our database contains over 27,000 gay hot spots – and growing!

qmagazine Q Magazine

Melbourne focused, Q Magazine provides readers with the best in gay lifestyle, reviews, views and information as well as a broad range of resources from entertainment, theatre, and fashion, to travel, health, dating and youth issues.

pinknews Pink News

Cairns Sunboys recommends Pink News Europe’s largest gay news service.

huffington Huffington Post Gay Voices

Cairns Sunboys recommends Huffington Post Gay Voices USA largest gay news service for USA and all world gay news.

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Updated 29/10/2018